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There's a vast muskeg belt located on the lowlands of Hudson Bay and James Bay. This wetland eco-system straddles northern parts of the Canadian provinces of Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. In addition to providing a home for caribou, wolverines and countless migratory birds, this eco-system acts as a great carbon sink by keeping humongous amounts of carbon dioxide from escaping into the Earth's atmosphere. Indigenous people who live alongside the muskeg belt recognize this great bog as "breathing lands."

At present, big mining companies are chomping at the bit at the prospect of being able to gain access to these breathing lands so that they can exploit the area for its rare minerals. If we allow them to mine this area then we might as well forget about trying to fight climate change --- imo. In any case, once this ancient ecological system is gone, it'll be gone forever. -- :(
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The article in the following link concerns the battle that has been going on between environmentalists and the big mining companies over being able to mine in an area in northern Ontario indigenous people call the "Ring of Fire." The Ring of Fire is part of the breathing lands that I referred to in my previous post. Anyway, although this article was written a few years ago, it's still very informative. Check out:
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