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The following mail was recieved by me:

International e-mail action to close down Europe's

biggest primate center, BPRC

Target: **********

When: Friday 11 April 2003

How: Send ABN-AMRO an e-mail to let them know what you

think of their support towards BPRC

More info:


The Biomedical Primate Research Center (BPRC) in

Rijswijk is the biggest primate center in Europe. The

center keeps around 1500 monkeys, amongst them rhesus

macaques, marmosets, doeroecoeli's, squirrel monkeys

and chimpanzees. These monkeys are being used for

research in immunology, parasitology, neurological

disorders, virology and xeno transplantation. Day in

day out these monkeys are tortured in the name of

science! And all of these research results are pretty

much invalidated by the fact that they are monkeys and

not humans. There are many examples of drugs which

were promoted on the market as being safe but caused

horrific side effects when people started using them.

Every year millions of Euros go to the vivisection

industry but of every Euro only 0.3- cents goes to

research into alternatives. The old-guard of

scientists desperately tries to cling on to their old

and cheaper methods. The tests in the BPRC are cruel

and useless. We demand the closure of this monkey


ABN AMRO is by far the biggest business bank of the

Netherlands. Almost every company with sales of over a

million Euros is doing business with this bank. Also

the BPRC has an account with the ABN AMRO and they

take care of their financial business. This is not the

first time ABN AMRO is investing in dodgy companies.

Recently they invested in the English INSYS GROUP, a

producer of cluster bombs and anti-tank mines amongst

other things. These bombs and mines are causing

thousands of deaths each year all over the world. In

March 2002 even the Dutch government raised questions

about this investment. Before this the ABN AMRO

invested in the construction of oil palm plantations

in Indonesia, which meant rainforests were burned down

and clear felled. Indigenous people, tigers,

orangutans and rhinos are now threatened with

extinction because they are losing their natural

habitat. After a campaign by Milieudefensie,' (the

Dutch Friends of the Earth) ABN AMRO promised to

subject their finances to very strict criteria. The

motto of ABN AMRO is, "respecting human rights and

the environment is an integral part of responsible

social behavior and corporate citizenship. We are

accountable for our actions and open about them." We

think their motto is some kind of a sick joke!

Cancel your account at the ABN AMRO bank and tell them

why. Make sure your money is not being invested in

projects that destroy the earth and it's inhabitants.

Open an account with a bank that is doing business in

a socially responsible way.


More info:

Actioncampaign Koen

[email protected]

The full message can be seen via my homepage.
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