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I'm fairly new to this lifestyle change and would like some insight on cooking. Rice has never been something I've made for myself and I have been looking up different Rice Cookers and Steamers. I was wondering if anyone had an suggestions on what the best products are out there.

I'm looking for convenience and have been told that making rice out of a pot is super easy but I'm just not sold. Personally I am not the best cook and have a difficult time concentrating on this kind of skill.

Preferably a rice cooker/steamer combo would be nice that way rice and veggies can be made in one shot.

Ive heard about the Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity Deluxe 37536 Rice cooker/steamer and the Aroma (heard this takes a lot of the nutrients out of the veggies and is made are harsh chemicals).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :bobo:
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