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i hope you're able to find the information and support you need. forcing someone to eat meat is the last refuge of the truly desperate. encourage them to visit this forum. yes, we're skewed to one side of the argument, but that doesn't make us wrong.

Originally Posted by Seb_0810 View Post

My parents are worried that I am not getting enough nutrients, so they took me for a blood test. I am pretty confident that my protein, vitamin A, B and D are OK but I am worried about iron because:

- I am a pretty big fan of tea and coffee, and I heard that can negatively affect iron absorption

- I do not eat many green leafy veggies

My only streak of hope is the fact that I do not show any iron deficincy symptoms.

However, if I turn out low on iron (or any other nutrient) my parents will force me eat a large amount of greasy bloody vile steaks thinking that will improve my health. They seemingly cannot understand that making me eat an unhealthy diet filled with dairy and meat will only make things worse. They also seemingly cannot understand that eating a healthy blanced diet full of leafy green vegetables will replenish my iron. Hearing about some stories on here about some doctors' ignorance about nutrition, I am afraid the doctor will take the same stance as my parents. My test did not come back yet and thus I am not sure about my iron (or any other nutrient) status, but if something is wrong, how do I convince my parents into not making me eat meat and inform them that veggies can be a great source for iron and other nutrients?
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