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birth control question

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so... i just got on birthcontrol about two weeks ago. i know you are supposed to take it the same time everyday. but i havent been doing so well. i am supposed to take it at 9pm and i did for the first four days, but after that ive been taking it at 9:30, 9:45 ish and last night the latest at 10:20. is this a big deal? i didnt know if the same time meant on the hour every day or if you have a little wiggle room. does anyone know?
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It really depends a lot on what pill you are taking. Multiphasic/monophasic, high/low dose, combined/progestone only...all these make a difference.

When I was taking a combined pill, the window they suggested was 3 hours, but if you're on a low dose, it might be a smaller timeframe.
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