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Birth Control Pills

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One of my doctors wants to put me on birth control to help with my acne (oh the wonders of being 14), and I was just wondering what sort of side effects people here have experienced. I've heard all sorts of things- expanding breasts, weight gain, terrible periods, much easier periods, nausea, mood swings, ect.
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The doctors only want to keep us alive as long as possible so they can continue to milk our insurance companies.

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Wow, I go away for a day and you kids start fighting.

My doctor and dad agreed that they'll give my current medications one more month, and then we'll try birth control.

As far as the risks of cancer- I decided a while back that I wouldn't live life worrying about unknown risks and small possibilities. It just seems pointless. I think that that sort of anxiety is far more likely to cause me serious health problems than birth control pills. But to each their own. I am, after all, the girl with the horrible fear of vaccum cleaners.
Vaccum cleaners *are* dangerous

1 more month and then switch is a good compromise for everyone. It also takes the stress off you. "If this medicine doesn't work, there's nothing left for me." Now, you have the comfort of knowing if it doesn't work, you have a back up plan.
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I've been on an "old school" pill since age 17. I use proactiv and take spironolactone due to hormonal acne. It had gotten pretty bad after having taken Accutane 5 years prior (must have worn off?). I asked about the ortho tri-cyclen for acne, but my gyno said it was basically the same as what I take, just marketed differently.

I'm now thinking of taking the hormone pills constantly to eliminate my period. (I bet some of you will chastise me for that!) I've dealt with acne since age 11, and have used just about everything at some point. I know it can be depressing and frustrating.

Side note: I'm afraid to stop taking them or even change because of the risk of pregnancy. I don't ever want kids.
I don't chastise anyone for eliminating their periods. Be pregnant all the time can do that for you, too, but I doubt you want to be a baby factory
Although, I don't know if eliminating your periods completely will make much of a difference. Check with a skin specialist. There are always newer products coming out and there maybe something you can try.

Changing pills makes little to no difference in the grand scheme of pregnancy. As long as you take them properly every day, the risk doesn't change. Some doctors point out the lowered protection in lo-estrogen pills, but we are still talking the 99% range.

Can you get the Accutane again?
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I know the risk is slim if you follow directions, but I'm downright paranoid about getting pregnant! I won't even accept generic pills, though I know they're chemically the same. (I got pregnant and miscarried at 16, and since then I've always been deathly afraid of getting pregnant. And I don't like kids.)

I discussed doing Accutane again with my dermatologist (same one since 11, I won't let him retire), but it was such a pain in the a$$. Er, face. I did it during summer, and I cannot imagine it during winter. I'm normally very oily, but this stuff had me cracking and bleeding in August! It was awful. I was so desparate one night that I put Vaseline on my face. That is such a no-no for oily/acne-prone, but it *hurt*! And I was dry, um, everywhere. Yeah, there. I still have a flaky scalp almost 6 years later, and I never had that before. Plus I had to get blood work done every month while I was on it to ensure my liver didn't explode or something.

The spironolactone affects the way that testosterone affects your sebum glands. We determined that my breakouts were hormonal long ago, and we both did some research on androgens and their effects on oil production. It was originally a blood pressure med, but this is a secondary benefit. It's working so far, along with the Proactiv. Before, it was zits on every square inch of my face around the time of ovulation (10-14 days before period, when oil production increases). Now, it's 2-3 total. We plan to half my dosage, except for during that time of the month.

Wow. I just bored *myself* to tears. Sorry to ramble.
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im on the pill norimon for my skin and for 6 months it was perfect but im starting to have little breakouts worried its wearing off like the antibiotics did!
if you don't ever want to have kids, you may want to consider a more perminent solution for BC (ie, tubal ligation). it's a simple proceedure.

as for the acne, sometimes you grow out of it. i had it from age 9 to 18, pretty bad. i still have very minor break outs, but otherwise my skin is nice. been this way for 9 years now.
Yeah well, from age 11 to now at age 29. I don't think it'll EVER go away. *insert whine*
Hi Peoples!

My Doctor just put me on Tri-Levlen to help regulate my periods. I usually get them 2x a month. Ugh! I'm pretty sure its the contributing factor to my acne which has gotten pretty severe for a while now. Just wondering, for those out there who know.... how long does it take for the pill to kick in and start helping to clear up acne? Should I expect immediate results or do i have to be on the pill for a while before i see noticeable clearing-up? I appreciate any and all feedback! Thanks much!
Is your acne constant or hormonal, as in pre-menstrual? I have constant mild acne, stress flare ups, and a flare up when I ovulate (I think - 10-14 days before period). I would think that in a month you'd see a difference, but everyone and every pill is different.
Thanks for replying so quickly christy13! Well, its gotten pretty constant for the past year or two. I NEVER really had bad acne in my teens or early 20's. But when I turned 23 or 24years, i started getting acne quite regularly.... Now it seems there is no reprieve from acne breakouts. Especially days before/during and after my period! (Like now...uggh!!!) As i mentioned, I usually get my period 2x a month, which doesn't give my face time to recover from a breakout . I've tried so many things and nothing has helped. I've drastically changed my eating habits.(I've cut out red meat and pork from my diet), increased my fruits/veg intake, drink tons of water until my bladder can't take no mo'!, etc...) but still the acne persists. I'm hoping the BC pills work. I'm getting desperate. Thanks for the reply! =)
I'd say for the full effect, it will take a few months. Part of the reason I'm on the pill(orthocycline) is for acne, it works really great for me
The times I've been off it then started it again, I have noticed it does gradually start clearing up, not immediatly though.
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Okay, I hate to beat a dead horse. So, I've been on Tri-Levlen BCP's for a week now

and i've noticed that my acne has gotten worse!!! (like what i had wasn't bad already)

Has anyone ever been on Tri-Levlen? Is it supposed to make the flare-ups worse before it gets better? HELP! I can't stand it! I can't stand seeing the condition my face is in. Now the acne seems to be larger in size and amount than before. I'm at my wits end... Would appreciate any kind of input from anyone. Thanks!
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