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Birth Control Pills

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One of my doctors wants to put me on birth control to help with my acne (oh the wonders of being 14), and I was just wondering what sort of side effects people here have experienced. I've heard all sorts of things- expanding breasts, weight gain, terrible periods, much easier periods, nausea, mood swings, ect.
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I love the pill. I'm on Tri Cyclen. One of the side effects that I love is that my skin is so clear. My cycles are now regular. I know within a hour of when I'll get my period. I use to have such bad cramps and nausea the first day of my period that I considered riping out my ovaries myself. I now feel a slight pressure. Plus I've gone from 8 days of hell to 5 days of very manageable.

I know the pill isn't for everyone and like someone suggested, you may need to try a couple of to find one that works well with your body. But for me it's a great method of contraception until I have children and the side effects are awesome.
Skarlett: I wish I had gained weight in my chest!!! i wouldn't be so flat!
I'm actually considering giving Ortho Evra a try. Any website that you know about Grate_ful Veggie?
1 - 3 of 75 Posts
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