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Birth Control Pills

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One of my doctors wants to put me on birth control to help with my acne (oh the wonders of being 14), and I was just wondering what sort of side effects people here have experienced. I've heard all sorts of things- expanding breasts, weight gain, terrible periods, much easier periods, nausea, mood swings, ect.
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I originally went on ortho-tricyclen two years ago, at 21, to help with my periods which had suddenly become incredibly painful and my skin, which had suddenly started breaking out like crazy. I've never had any problems. However, you are still 14, and personally, I know I would rather not be on the pill if I didn't rely on it to help control what I just described and as a birth control method. So, if it's only acne you're concerned with at this point, maybe you can try something else? There are other solutions that don't involve messing with your hormones.
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