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best songs ever:

billy joel's "Piano Man"


billy joel's "For the Longest Time"

ok a little weird taste for a 13 year old but... gotta love those songs! seriously!

9:00 on a saturday...

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My favorite songs by Billy Joel (and I have most of his albums) are

The Entertainer

"I am the entertainer

I come to do my show

You've heard my latest record

It's been on the radio

Ah, it took me years to write it

They were the best years of my life

It was a beautiful song

But it ran too long

If you're gonna have a hit

You gotta make it fit

So they cut it down to 3:05"

Not one bad lyric in that song. Every word is amazing.

Miami 2107

This song wigged me out after 9-11. Have you ever really listened to the lyrics. The song was one of Billy Joels old Songs in the Attic. Written in the 70's. Check these out :

"I've seen the lights go out on Broadway-

I saw the ruins at my feet,

You know we almost didn't notice it-

We'd see it all the time on Forty-Second Street...."

"...I saw the lights go out on Broadway-

I watched the mighty skyline fall.

The boats were waiting at the Battery,

The union went on strike-

They never sailed at all.

They sent a carrier out from Norfolk-

And picked the Yankees up for free.

They said that Queens could stay,

They blew the Bronx away-

And sank Manhattan out to sea....

You know those lights were bright on Broadway-

But that was so many years ago...

Before we all lived here in Florida-

Before the Mafia took over Mexico.

There are not many who remember-

They say a handful still survive...

To tell the world about...

The way the lights went out,

And keep the memory alive..."

So strange. I really like "While the night is still young" I love the first line,

"I`m young enough to still see the passionate boy that I used to be

But I`m old enough to say I got a good look at the other side"

That line gets me - probably because I am right about that place now. I really like how he sings the song with himself, each voice the exact same note, just seperated by an octive. It gives the song a very strange feeling.

I could go on and on about Billy Joel. If you have a chance, listen to his compilation album (released about 3 years ago or so). It's wonderful.

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Billy Joel is amazing! You are a good guy StvSpl for liking him. Great taste!
A real performer/writer, not too many around these days. I wonder how he is doing, I keep reading he is having a hard time with drinking/clinics or something.

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I saw him in concert 16 years ago. He *used* to be my favorite. Now, ironically, I can take him or leave him.

My favorites are:

"New York State of Mind,"


"Prelude/Angry Young Man"




"Until the Night,"

"52nd Street"

"Scenes from an Italian Restaurant,"


"Shameless" (yes, *he* wrote and performed it *first*),

"Goodnight Saigon," (which was absolutely AWESOME at his concert)


"Travellin' Prayer"

"Ain't No Crime"

"Ballad of Billy the Kid"

"Big Man on Mulberry Street"

"Baby Grand"

okay, now after all of that, I think I wanna go dig out some of his stuff and listen...weird.

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Originally posted by Joe

I like his songs. But I recognize that some people just hate his stuff. My brother-in-law likes his music. What can I say, seems people like him or hate him. No one is neutral.
I am fairly neutral. I like a couple of songs, I can't stand some others.
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