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Bill Plaschke: Don't be fooled by the 'new' Michael Vick
August 18, 2011 | 10:26 am

The NFL is back, and so is Americas favorite football villain, running the field, juking the world, boggling the mind.

Its still a Vick-eat-Vick world out there.

This time, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is destroying his image with his mouth, saying some things in an upcoming GQ magazine story that are far more stunning than last seasons 100.2 quarterback rating.

Barely two years after completing a 21-month prison sentence for dogfighting, Vick has apparently regained his swagger, not only on the field but also on the streets, where the perpetrator is recasting himself as the victim. He knows Americas sports fans have forgiven, now he wants them to completely forget because, really, whats the big deal anyway?

Bill Plaschke is a sports writer for the Los Angeles Times; it's nice to know that there is at least one of these guys out there who sees through the "new" Michael Vick. I, for one, doubted that Michael Vick has really changed.
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