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EDIT:Bill withdrawn on March 7th, 2012.

I found this over on reddit:

The bill includes:
-Repealing the definition of "distress", which is the legal definition on which animal abuse charges is based.
-Removing all penalties for animal abuse violations.
-Stripping the OSPCA of all enforcement powers and abolishing the Animal Care Review Board (which currently hears appeals from people whose animals have been removed by the OSPCA).
-Stopping the OSPCA from removing animals from abusive situations.
-Taking away the OSPCA's authority to order owners to take proper steps to care for their pets (e.g. ordering an owner to provide water, appropriate shelter or veterinary care).
-Removing the legal obligation of veterinarians to report animal abuse.
-The only recourse animals would have would be the Criminal Code of Canada, which is far more difficult to enforce and would be enforced only by police. Concerns include whether all police officers have sufficient specialized knowledge of animal husbandry to recognize distress, whether they have the skills to deal with exotic, dangerous or aggressive animals and whether the police service has enough resources to take on this extra role.
-The OSPCA would be forced to keep animals in their care when their owners are charged with animal abuse. Even if these owners are subsequently convicted, the OSPCA would have to pass on the proceeds of the "sale" of the abused animals to their former owners.
-The OSPCA would not have the option of putting livestock up for adoption - the law would force them to sell horses, cattle, donkeys, pigs etc. at public auctions only.
The bill:

I'm not in Canada so what I can do is limited, but I've been spreading this around so those who do can take action and contact their politicians.
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