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Big Brother

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Am I the only dork on here planning on watching this tonight? It seems like they have stooped to new lows, but yet I still want to watch it. Somebody save me.

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Oh this is going to be a great season.. Did you see the anxiety on their faces. Goes to show, never break up on bad terms with your Ex. You never know when you will be faced with them again.

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probably all of the Ex's didnt want to do the show.
They also lost their veggie and fruits as well. I hope Jee is the first to go. Scott was fuming......
I enjoy the show.. fake or not, it always has my interest every single day.....
Originally posted by skarrlett

I was going to type it out, but the show summary is here:
Good idea... saves on typing.

I have tivo, so I never miss an episode.. woo hoo
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Love drama....
[SPOILER=Warning: Spoiler!]good bye there scott[/SPOILER]
Jack is so cunning, he is a threat though, and the housemates know it. I wonder how far niceness, and being clumsy on the challenges will take Jack.

Sorry I want dana gone, but yea the original alliance is all mixed up. Where does everyone lie.

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