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Big Brother

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Am I the only dork on here planning on watching this tonight? It seems like they have stooped to new lows, but yet I still want to watch it. Somebody save me.

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Admittedly, I too am a Big Brother follower. heehehe

I just keep hoping that they'll have someone like Will.. he was the main reason for watching the show.
Note: Spoilers included in the link below.

wow.. I just read this in the paper this morning.

[SPOILER=Warning: Spoiler!]I'm glad he's gone..[/SPOILER]
his touques bugged me.

Ok so I just finished watching BB and near the end they said that Scott won't be coming back... but they didn't say why.

Well.. I read in the paper that upon exiting the Diary Room, Scott held a meeting and apologized to everyone for his actions. (This part was televised)

The part that wasn't televised was this...he admitted that he has Human Papillomavirus Virus, otherwise known as genital warts. According to him, the situation has devastated his life.

"The reason I was hit by an overload is basically because I have been carrying around this load for like a year. I have isolated myself for the rest of the world. I have HPV. I don't have any now. I haven't had any for a year," said Weintraub. "Seeing Amanda here has brought me back to the time we broke up. She has been able to go on with her life and I haven't. Part of me loves her being here, part of me doesn't."

See ya psycho.
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