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Originally posted by Michael

I watch it too!
I thought I was the only one!

I don't like it, the first 8 have a big advantage.
They should have put in an equal number of X's, half at a time.
Not only does he watch it, he critiques it.

<<That does it, I am ordering Michael a mail order bride for Christmas.>>

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I agree that they should have an equal number of ex's. I dout that they'll stick with their orginal pact though. There is so much stuff that can impact that. What if one of the ex's becomes head of household?

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Did anyone else think it was funny they didn't win their meat for the week.

I wonder what this new twist is on the veto process. I was pretty disappointed with the nominations. This whole thing is unfair. I think they shouldn't be allowed to vote out an ex until there are an equal number of both left.

I guess I already said that but it really bugs me!
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