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I thought I would start a thread where VegWebbers can fill VeggieBoard people in on what to expect and such. I'll start.

Oneness has split personalities.

Mention melons and Choi magically appears. He has a special radar for it. Also, he likes to prance around in a cape and tights.

If you should ever happen to see a woman running through an airport with a sign that reads "Wigglebutt" wearing nothing more than Nikes and a hula skirt, that would have to be Kathym.

If you ever see someone talking about Wigglebutt, you'll have to ask muppetcow who it is.

If Terrafae ever posts pictures of her Wolf, try not to slip in the puddle of drool that will be nearby. And beware the faeries.

If you ever find yourself in need of a wok, just check in My Own Paths pants. You will certainly find one.

If you ever want to strike back against prank callers or scandalous emails, seek Loki for words of wisdom that only he can provide.

If you ever receive a threatening email from a cat, quickly alert Triumvir.

If you think Jude Law is hot and Joe Lando is not, you're crazy. But Scareyvegan will agree with you.

If you want a topic that is sure to be pages long, start one about Aragorn and Legolas.

If you like 80's rock (Poison rules!), I think you have fantastic taste.

If you notice office supplies or socks disappearing, ask mouse about the magic portal.

And finally, if you ever hear someone screaming "Oh no! The smoochies, the smoochies! Make them stop! I can't get them out of my head. Make it stop!", that would mean that Saborm has had enough.

There are many more things I could type about many more people, but I will leave that to others to add.

Perhaps those of you from VB could fill us in on what to expect as well.

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Heh. Nice post.

I would fill you in on us, but some might complain. Ah, what the hell. I'll grab a few.

If you need a recipe, Kreeli is DA WOMAN for that.

Spelling error in a post, particularly a funny one? That would be RedStarJedi. He is also a schoolteacher.

Need computer or technical advice? Robert. Or Kurmedgeon with an assist at times. Both hate MS and will gladly tell you so.

Soilman will delight you with his wealth of odd knowledge and strange stories. If you understand his posts. Also, he also always posts at least three times in a row. I'm sure he has a lot to say, but I usually get hungry and wander away in the middle of his 2nd reply.

Avalon has the hot-lookin' avatar. She can also sing.

Vegankat is just a kidlet, but has maybe the dirtiest mind among the females. I applaud that...

All single vegan females should be warned that Michael is on the prowl. Don't worry though, he has never been convicted of stalking. The charges are still pending.

KC Kid and Bankruptor are resident omnis, and all-around good guys. Both are ornery as hell.

Speaking of ornery, MsRuthieB and Marie can show a freaky side at times, as exposed in the Submissive Woman thread. Just shocking. And somewhat arousing.

BigWaxJesus knows stuff about other peoples' music that they don't even know.

I'm missing many, many others, but I'm sure someone else will fill you in...

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that's a good list.

remember it's snugglesthecat at

are favorite foods are falafel, tofu and quinoa.

we think eggplant is evil.

we have several militias. Primarily the tree hugg'n veg*n one and the cat one.

Many of us are llamas, hampsters and/or ents

We are all maniacs.

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Eggplant and Llamas will surely create pages and pages of discussion.

Story threads in the first person are common, if not overdone.

Triumvir and Saborm are together, as you will discover shortly.

I still have a wok in my pants if anyone needs it.

Terrafae and Erin are incredible poets, as well as several others.

Buddadragon has a picture archive almost the size of the Library of Congress.

Beardedlady has no beard.

And ironically, Dannykass's name isn't Danny.

Mouse is not, and will never be old.

Life2K is the mother hen.

Veganchick is one of the mother hen's chicks.

Vegancherrypie is going to grow up to be the most active activist in the world.


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Let me see,

Tweety has killer advice for being healthy along with some wise words.

Buddadragon has some secret giant library of photos that he pulls the funniest things out of. (watch out for the giant nail up the nose one)

Greyhoundgirl has all these photos of absolutely adorable greyhounds up for adoption.

Slynny thinks she's a hamster (that's her picture in her avatar)

If someone starts talking about wolves it's sure to be shewolf.

Vegobbligork (previously known as Veganomalizum but no longer) is known by his marvelous way of using words.

You'll know veganchick by how nice she is.

DannyKass is our platonic sheep lover. I am so kidding Danny!

I would post more people but it takes me too long to write a post and I'd be here until Friday at this rate.

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lets see...

buddadragon runs at least 34 miles per day.

my own path cooks at least 34 miles per day.

beardedlady's beard grows at least 34 miles per day. :p

oh yeah, and kristadb gives at least 34 miles of nutrition advice per day.

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Originally posted by mouse

Is there something about my future that I should know?!
Do you remember that magical trip we took long ago at the dawn of Saborm and Triumvir's romance? The one where I was a naked fairy? Well, when I caused the drunken giant to sneeze upon you all, the snot that you were covered by was magical. You will forever remain youthful because of it.
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