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Hey guys!
I just wanted to share info on a free online video event I put together that's happening this weekend! I'll be posting interviews with some of my favorite experts in plant-based nutrition, healthy cooking and fitness

Go to for all the details. I'm SO excited about it, and I hope you'll have a chance to tune in!!

I'd really appreciate it if you could share the info with anyone you know who might be interested - everything is totally free, and you can watch from home, so it should be an easy way to spread the awesomeness of eating plant foods! If you follow me on twitter (heathernauta) or facebook (healthy eating starts here) I'll be posting lots of tidbits there, and if you could share/retweet that would be AMAZING!

There will be a prize up for grabs with each interview, and the deadline for entering to win is Monday at 12noon Eastern.

Here's the schedule (all Eastern time):
Saturday March 17
2:00pm Dreena Burton - Raising Healthy Kids
2:30pm Julieanna Hever - Shifting To A Plant-Based Diet
3:00pm Christy Morgan - Macrobiotic Principles
3:30pm Donna Gates - Digestion And Energy
4:00pm Allyson Kramer - Gluten-Free Cooking
4:30pm Jenn Walters - Exercise And Weight Loss
5:00pm Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn - Heart Disease

Sunday March 18
2:00pm Julianaa Satie - Intuitive Cooking
2:30 pm Carolyn Scott-Hamilton - Healthy Travel Tips
3:00pm Jack Norris - Science Of A Vegan Diet
3:30pm Amie Valpone - Whole Food Recipes
4:00pm Ricki Heller - Anti-Candida Diet
4:30pm Lori & Michelle Corso - Fitness And Motivation
5:00pm Frederic Patenaude - Raw Food Diet

Thanks so much guys!! I hope to 'see' you online this weekend

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