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Best Veggie Burger?

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I've tried two different kinds of veggie burgers so far. One has been Boca burger and another has been something my friend made last night from a homemade recipe. Both were very good and I couldn't decide which one I liked better. What is the best veggie burger out there? Frozen? Homemade?
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I have a soy milk maker and use the remaining soy pulp (okara) to make veggie patties every week. You can sub any mashed bean, and once you get the hang of what to add for it to come together, you can do whatever you want!

I just started this thread today, and hope people add to it!

Gardein makes burgers that are VERY much like real beef burgers. Smell, texture and taste. At least I think they do. Not "veggie" though!

I love the chik'n patties. Boca, Gardein, both vegan, Morningstar has eggs I believe. I've loved those since they came out as a kid. Micro a pattie, cut it up and add to salad, so good. Love warm things on a salad

I used to buy different kinds of Morningstar patties.
I recently tried Field Roast veggie burgers and they were so realistic it was almost creepy!

My personal favourite is spicy black bean burgers, they're less like meat and really delicious. I've had some success making them on my own but this is my favourite store bought kind:
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