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I had a few friends recently decide to go from carnivores to vegans after watching "Food Inc.". When they asked me for tips and tricks, I sent them this incredible video by Dr. Michael Greger.

While it is a longer and cheesey video, he goes over basic nutrient requirements, good plant based sources of nutrients and shows how to make a myriad of simple meals for breakfast lunch and dinner. This is a must see that gives suggestions to improve. I would not have been able to transition as easily without his virtual support.

What do you think of his tips? Did you find this helpful as you are transitioning? What is the hardest part for you? Personally, I have a hard time thinking of new breakfast recipes.

He covers:
Vitamins Minerals to watch your DRI: Vitamin B, D, Iron...
Sources of B12
Vegan product reviews: tofutti, morning star, haim...
Accidentally vegan products: Bacos & oreos?
How to make a meaty meal vegan
How to eat out: movie Popcorn?
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