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Our cat is going to give birth soon and I've been reading up on how to help the mother cat give birth. This new situation has me pondering topics I had never thought of before such as belly buttons.

I realize that "innies" and "outies" are different because of the way they are tied... 2 -4 inches out from the baby.

However, I realized that all of my cat's belly buttons are neither innies nor outies... but just hairless, smooth spots in the center of the cat's stomach - they are so perfectly smooth that they are hard to find.

So, if we did not tie our human babies' umbilical cords with certain knots, does that mean that they'd have just smooth, flawless skin - rather than indentions, etc?

And, according to my logic, if the kitten's umbilical cords were tied before they fell off, they'd most likely have innies and outies like humans. This might be interesting to do :p

Am I on to something?

Anyone know of where to find pictures of humans who have never had their umbilical cords tied? Do their belly buttons look just like their stomach.. and are practically not there?
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