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I often wondered whether I was just imagining things that veganism is unheard of in Switzerland. And I have found a study done by the Swiss Office of Statistics. The figures date back to 2002, but I reckon they have not changed that much.

The figures concern people over the age of 15.

87.9 percent are omnivores who eat all the types of animal products available.

8.5 percent do not eat fish.

1.6 percent do not eat meat.

0.9 percent do not eat dairy products.

0.2 percent do not eat fish nor dairy products.

0.9 percent do not eat meat nor fish.

0.1 percent are vegans. In other words, there are about 3000 vegans in Switzerland!

Talk about being a Vegan Freak in a Non-Vegan world.

There is WORK to be done!!!!!!!!!!!
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