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So, which one can be regarded as the best bleaching toothpaste option?

The idea of the research was to test the four whitening toothpastes - Aquafresh, Tom's, Rembrandt, and Ultra Brite and find out the one that could bleach three different stains the best. All og the toothpastes used diverse ingredients for whitening. Ultra Brite was expected to whiten the best, because it used tough abrasives to scrub stains.

The toothpaste with the highest average ranking was Aquafresh. Rembrandt was second, Ultra Brite third, and Tom's last.

After the test, the author researched to discover why exactly the following toothpastes had the results they did. He found out that Aquafresh had an ingredient called Triclene that broke up the bonds of stains so they could with no trouble be brushed away. Ultra Brite and Tom's used abrasives, and were the two worst whiteners. Rembrandt used Alumisil, but was not found to break up particle bonds. The experimentation proved that abrasives are the least effectual method for bleaching teeth, and components that break up the bonds of stains are what buyers should look for in a whitening toothpaste.

(According to CALIFORNIA STATE SCIENCE FAIR 2004 PROJECT number J1102)


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