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I transitioned to be a vegan almost 2 years ago and tried it for close to 1 year. Now I am back and fired up after reading the book 80/10/10 diet by Doug Graham. About a month or two into eating a fruit diet I felt my throat be irritated and feeling high on sugar a lot of the time. I decided to mix in some more water-rich fruits like melons and cut out dried fruit. Also I started eating pasta, tomato sauce, potatoes and beans.

Q#1 has any one else experienced this same effect of eating only fruits? What was your learning experience and transition to continue feeling healthy like? What did you have to change and what eating habit are you in now?

Now, I eat a mix of brown rice, tomato sauce, green smoothies (with celery, carrots, kale, romaine lettuce, and some minimal fruit to make it taste good), oatmeal, almond milk, wheat pasta, all different kinds of beans and all varieties of fruit (mostly eat, from most to least...bananas, apples, pears, pineapple, persimmons, oranges, melons etc). I've lost some weight and feel good overall. Did a blood test recently and found that my good cholesterol level is low (35) so I decided to try and eat more almonds and include some good oils in my diet. My next goal is to gain muscle and lose fat with diet and exercise.

Q#2 has anyone experienced that if you do not eat enough beans during the day you feel sluggish, tired, being more hungry than usual? I have noticed this reoccurring event in my life which is why I always try to eat beans during my meals. Otherwise I am just eating way too much bread, brown rice and fruit to account for that headache hungry feeling and I feel sort of bloated.
Q#3 Any vegans out there aspire to lose fat and gain muscle? Other than exercise, what are some of your must-do's when analyzing your diet when you want to lose fat and gain muscle?

Always looking to connect with vegans out there as I have not encountered too many. Excited to hear your responses!
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I eat beans most days (there are so many different types, it's hard to get bored of them), but I feel fine on the few days I don't. It could be that you have a hard time getting enough protein without them?

For your fitness question, I suggest checking out Jon Venus on Youtube.
For vegans, beans / legumes (including legume based products like soya milk, carob flour, mung bean noodles etc.) are an important source of Lysine which is one of the amino acids used to create protein.

Without lysine, you don't have all the essential building blocks of protein, so on a vegan diet your overall protein will be reduced.

Unnatural Vegan recently did a YouTube video on this:
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Hi Darryproduct,

Are you in Torrance, California? If so, there are at least a dozen vegetarian/vegan social groups within 15 miles of you:,+CA&sort=default
I find beans extremely satisfying. I usually feel best when I am getting at least 3 servings (about 1 can) per day. But I don't feel sluggish when I don't eat them (just hungrier than usual). I only feel sluggish when I overeat on junk food.

It is relatively difficult to gain muscle in a calorie deficit. What I do is I maintain my weight while continuing to improve my strength. This slowly improves my body composition without having to cut calories. That said, most bodybuilders go on bulking and cutting phases since it is a lot easier to put on muscle when in a caloric surplus. When they cut (lose weight) they just try to not lose any muscle. I don't bulk because I am not comfortable with intentionally gaining weight; being a girl/ having previously been overweight.
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