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I had the lap-band procedure a little over a year ago. I'm heading out of town for a couple of weeks without my computer - but I'd be glad to talk to you about your experiences and share notes if you'd like.

I don't always have problems with rice and pasta (it's iffy and depends a lot on when I'm eating them the earlier in the day the more likely I am to have trouble).

So far I haven't found an veggies that I can't eat. I'm not a huge fruit eater so I haven't run into anything yet.

Bread is my biggest problem. I can only eat breads if they are really thinly sliced, super grainy whole grain breads and toasted.

I think my band is adjusted a little looser, so I'm loosing more slowly than some. But it enables me to eat a vegetarian diet rather than the meat centered diet suggested by most doctors. Fortunately my surgeon (who I had to leave when I moved from FL to AL) was from India and understood vegetarianism.

If you want you can PM or email me any time. I won't get the messages for a week or so but I'd love to talk to another vegetarian who had a gastric banding procedure.
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