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Bada Bing! :)

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Im Jes, 25 and new to vegetarianism. Ive actually just formally started last weekend. Ive never really liked meat so ate very little. I cut out red meat completely and hadnt had that in years. Then the turkey burger I was substituting started grossing me out, as well as the chicken. Reiki found me and as a result I felt it was leading me to the path of vegetarianism...but not just to detox before classes... but for good. I also wish I could go Vegan but I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and ive still got to do more research, ask my dr, etc on if that will make my condition worse, or make absorption of medicine different.

My Husband who is a meat eater said he was going veg to support me. How awesome is that? Anyways, there's my Hi!

btw Im haf Italiana per the title...couldnt help it
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Welcome! Congrats on going veg!
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hi and welcome ...great to see Yuh hubby supporting you
Hi Jess! I think we've already kinda met on the hypo thread you posted but I've just now gotten to the into's and wanted to say hello and welcome!! Definitely look forward to seein' ya around!! Peace & Love!!
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