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I will be spending 4 glorious days in the canyon next week. I bought my first pair of vegan hiking boots and have been tearing up the trails in them. I'm really glad they are comfortable, because the selection of vegan hiking boots isn't that great. In fact, I think the ones I bought are not being made anymore. I just got lucky and found some online that were the right size. Unfortunately I go through hiking boots pretty fast. It can be a stretch to get through a whole year with the same boots.

In case anyone is interested, I found a surprisingly wide variety of pre-packaged vegan backpacking meals. I usually make my own dehydrated food for backpacking, but this time I decided to be lazy and buy the pre-packaged ones. I also thought it would be easier to take them on the plane if they are in marked packages. I hope they don't confiscate my powdered soy milk! Maybe I should leave it in its original packaging until I get there. LOL! It would suck to be arrested for having soy milk powder in little baggies.

Does anyone else backpack? Have you found any great vegan products for backpacking?

I can't wait!
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