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Originally Posted by AdamLayish View Post

The food for me was usually noodles, broccoli, tofu, eggplant, dumplings, or salad. I know that sounds like it would be repetitive for 3 weeks, but it wasn't that bad.
Agree with the other posters on this: it sounds delicious!

I'm glad you had fun.
Hope the jet lag goes away soon.

Originally Posted by mollycakes View Post

... They are really connected to their food over there I have to say, though- in a positive sense. They need the freshness and they don't want the "veil of secrecy" behind what they eat. Little children happily watch their food get killed and cooked in front of them and are raised to respect what happens so they can be nourished.
My father ran supermarkets over there and had trouble selling pre-packaged meat. Nobody wanted to buy it because they weren't sure it was fresh. Its more about the open markets and I kind of respect that. I'm sure factory farming isn't as rampant over there as it is here.
While I definitely agree that it's great that not everyone in the world's gone over to monoculture and factory farming, at the same time I wonder if the distance people over here have from animal exploitation won't help in the long run, by making people less morally comfortable with inflicting pain, etc.
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