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Last week my son and I went to this new little Tex-Mex place in town and I had the avocado enchiladas. They were tasty but I felt they were lacking something so tonight I was craving some Mexican food and decided to try this. They came out I'll try to take a pic tomorrow when I can make the presentation better!

I know it looks like a lot but once I got it in my head, I had it all ready in less than 30 minutes.
  • 3 ripe avocados, diced into cubes
  • white onion cut up
  • fresh cilantro (A MUST FOR FLAVOR)
  • corn tortillas (about 12 will do)
  • can or two of organic tomato sauce
  • olive oil or organic raw butter for tortillas
  • Tofutti sour cream
  • Raw organic pepper jack or cheddar cheese
chili powder
garlic powder
  1. Mix your tomato sauce with the above seasonings to your taste. Taste as you go!!!
  2. Make sure all your veggies are cut up and ready and you have your spices/chz ready.
  3. Place a little bit of olive oil or butter between each tortilla. Make sure the edge of the circle is moist. Place a wet paper towell between every 4th tortilla and cover them and heat in microwave until they are moist and can roll without breaking. (Usually less than a minute)
  4. Have your 9X13 greased pan ready and oven preheated if cooking them right then.
  5. Rub some of the tofutti sour cream over the entire surface of a tortilla. Add your avocado, onions, and cilantro. Sprinkle cumin on top. (I am a huge fan of the cumin+ avocado+cilantro flavor combo, if you aren't, skip this step) Spoon some of your red sauce on top. Sprinkle your cheese, vegan cheese, or yeast flakes on top and roll gently into a enchilada. Then place in the corner of the 9x13.
  6. Repeat for every tortilla. Tuck the rolled enchiladas tightly in next to eachother.
  7. When the pan is packed full of yumminess....spread some more tofutti on top of all of them. Then add the remainder of your red sauce, getting every edge wet.
  8. From here you can add more cheese and then lightly, (or heavily if you like it hot), sprinkle some cayenne on top of the cheese. It adds great flavor and makes for a beautiful presentation. :)
I hope somebody can enjoy this! :)

****I didn't try this but you could also try mixing some of the tofutti with the tomato sauce just for something different.
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