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I'm not sure if anyone has seen this, but I wanted to make a post about it. I was in Earthfare today and there along with the yogurts in the refrigerated section was, *gasp* chocolate! Immediately I was drawn to it wondering why the heck it was sitting there. After reading I realized that it's PROBIOTIC [vegan] CHOCOLATE! Considering my digestive tract has been all kinds of messed up lately, I figured I'd give it a go. The packaging says that if you try it for 14 days and you don't see a difference that you get your money back, so what've I got to lose?

I just ate my first bar of it. They're modest, .7oz, but since I don't usually eat a bunch of chocolate that's just fine. I got the dark chocolate (they also have coffee flavored dark chocolate and dark chocolate raspberry) and it's pretty tasty at 68% cacao.

Now, at $8.99/weeks worth (7 bars) it's a bit pricey. But considering I like a daily dose of chocolate *and* it's helping fix my digestive system I'm willing to try it out at least for the 14 day trial period.

Has anyone had this? It seems pretty new, but wondered if anyone had heard anything good about it. Either way I'll post back to this in 2 weeks and let everyone know how things are um...going.
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