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That's the ballot title. 1130. The logo, is the beautiful state of Washington with a chicken on it. The sub header is simple, "Stop animal cruelty". Theres are all fine lovely words but they really don't show, and i do mean really show what this initiative means. I could try to win you over on the merits of chickens, and the beautiful creatures they are. I could show you terrifying pictures of what this initiative would free them from. Or, I could plainly state what the initiative says.

"This measure would prohibit with certain exceptions (medical research, veterinary care), confining hends in stacked enclosures or enclosures that limit the hens' movement, and would prohibit the sale of eggs in the shell from hens so confined."

I have a stack of papers with me, and they're dying to be filled. If you would like to lend your signature, just so this initiative makes it to the ballot call me. Any time. 360-441-2183, and I will come to you for your signature. I will be outside VU at 1:30 on Wednesday. Please, it's only so this can be voted on.

If you would like more information, or said horrifying pictures of battery cages please follow the links below, as well as more information on 1130. - More information

None of the images on any are too graphic, and the last link is actually a virtual batter cage. Please, be informed.
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