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Hello, I have come to these forums for one reason: to present an opposing viewpoint. I do not wish to argue; I desire intelligent conversation.

I am an ex-ovo-vegetarian (near vegan; I only had an egg from time to time).

Firstly, let me just say that I have nothing against vegetarians or vegans, just against their ideology. While I do not agree with your way of eating, I respect your individual right to choose how and what you eat, as we are all intelligent human beings capable of our own decisions.

I want to start by saying that everything health-related you have heard about vegetarianism/veganism is a LIE. Humans are a carnivorous species with a limited ability to digest plant material. I know this sounds totally upside-down to anyone reading this on these forums- and I know I would have felt the same way half a year ago- but please, step out of your subjective views and intelligently consider what I have to say. The claims by mainstream nutrition that certain molecules such as saturated fat and cholesterol, present only in animal products, are harmful to human health are completely fraudulent. They are based off of corporate sponsored "research" designed to maximize profits for the agricultural industry. It is pseudo-science at best. The most conspicuous example is the Lipid Hypothesis. The hypothesis basically states that heart disease is correlated with dietary cholesterol levels. This is completely FAKE. This hypothesis has never been proven to this day, and yet the populace clings to it as health dogma. Why has it been propagated by the industry so well? Because it makes them profits. Think about it: which is more cost effective, fattening up a living, breathing animal or tending a field of simple, stationary plants? Animals, while still big business, are not nearly as cost-efficient: they require antibiotics and growth hormones to stay healthy in feedlot conditions, and all kinds of supplements. And they trick us into thinking fat is bad for us, so they can use the leftover fat for other things, and sell us the trimmed product for more money. Saturated fat is fuel for your body, and cholesterol is an important substrate for several things- including vitamin D and various hormones. So important, in fact, that your body has to manufacture most of it, as you could never acquire enough from food alone.

Next I want to touch on the argument that we are an herbivorous species. Once again, I will say that we are a carnivorous species. The people who espouse this claim are ignorant of the facts. **** sapiens have been using animals for food since before we were **** sapiens. Our bodies have evolved from insectivorous primates into the carnivorous animal we are today. We were never vegetarian, as even our primate ancestors ate insects. Even modern-day gorillas involuntarily consume insects that are present on the leaves they eat. We have always used animal protein, as we do not have the complex digestive systems necessary for optimal nutrient utilization of plants. We do not have the means to break down the cellulose wall of plant cells, and thus cannot gain much nutrition from it. We also do not have the vast array of digestive bacteria present to create necessary vitamins from plant foods (cows, for example, do, and can acquire complete nutrition from grass alone, as the bacteria in their rumen digest the plants and produce vitamins and nutrients as an absorbable by-product). Our minimal capacity to digest "food" from the plant kingdom is merely a survival mechanism. Why do you think vitamin A from animal products is the kind our body utilizes, whereas the carotenes in plants we have to tediously convert into a usable form? We are especially not designed for digestion of grains. From what I know, only birds are. Not even ruminants like bovines are capable of digesting grains such as corn and wheat (this is why factory farms smell so terrible- you are smelling all of the gastric distress from grain-fed cows). We just do not have the apparatus for it, as we never ate these things during our evolution, and thus never developed a mechanism for their utilization.

Next, plant foods are very poisonous. An animal can use physical means to protect and defend itself, but plants cannot. So what do they do? They produce all kinds of toxic chemicals to protect themselves from being eaten. The only reason we can really even eat plants with relative safety today is because of selective breeding by human agriculturalists for less chemicals- this is why one must use pesticides, even on so-called "organic" produce, as there are not enough defense chemicals to ward off bugs looking for food. Although reduced, these chemicals are still present. These chemicals are a burden on our system, and have all kinds of toxic effects. Oxalic acid in spinach is an example. Another toxic chemical from plants is phytate, which binds to essential minerals and prevents their absorption. The trade off for the few nutrients you get from this rubbish is not worth it.

I have been eating a purely carnivorous diet for the past three months. I eat nothing from the plant kingdom. You do not need anything that is in plants to stay healthy- not even vitamin C. It takes about three months to deplete your body's stores of vitamin C, and this is how long I have been going without plant-sourced vit. C, and I am showing ZERO signs of deficiency. There is actually a trace amount of vitamin C in rare/raw meat, which is all you need. Think about it- doesn't it make sense to eat living cells from a mammal to nourish your own mammalian cells? Herbivorous animals' cells are similar to ours, as we are both mammals, so most of the vitamins and minerals in them are easily utilized by our own cells.

I hope I got some of you thinking about your way of eating. Please, no criticism. But intelligent debate is welcome, I want to hear what everyone on this forum has to say.
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