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raw foodists and vegans are not one and the same.

there are, in fact, people who eat raw meat (as well as having other raw foods such as fruit and veg) and so they are sortof "raw foodists" too.

not all vegans are raw foodists, and not all raw foodists are vegan! they should have been in seperate catagories IMHO.
they aren't "sort of" raw foodists, they are raw foodists. A lot of raw foodists eat raw honey, raw dairy, raw meat (sashimi, etc)..

I get really annoyed on this raw food message board I go to because everyone there calls themselves "raw vegan" when most of them don't even know what vegan is. It doesn't help that the board owner calls herself raw vegan and promotes her way of eating as raw vegan (including honey, but not dairy or meat.)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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