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^^^ complete article ^^^

by The Bridge

So we all know what foie gras is, and why it is evil stuff, right? You take a cute li'l duck (or goose) and jam a tube down its esophagus through which you pump obscene amounts of food - corn mash, or something similar - into its stomach several times a day. The force-feeding will last anywhere from a few weeks to five months, depending, generally, on whether or not the poor ****er survives that long. Fatal complications range from various fatty liver ailments to lacerations of the throat and difficulty breathing or moving due to extreme obesity. Oh yeah, and don't let the animal do too much moving. Defeats the purpose.

And it all results in a delicacy that's quite popular among foodies, particularly in high-end circles. Duck torture ain't cheap.

It is, apparently, quite tasty. One chef explained the appeal by saying, "It's a sublime texture, incredibly smooth and buttery, like silken tofu, actually." Tofu. Isn't that a riot?

Now, admittedly, I am not much of an activist. As a vegan, I limit myself to refusing to purchase animal meat or animal byproducts and pretty much leave it at that. I try to support vegan-friendly businesses, and, if someone asks what's so terrible about having a little French toast every now and then - and I think they actually want an answer - well, I'll tell 'em a bit about it,
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