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I could never stay close to vegan in the past because of my obsessing about things in times of stress. It just wasn't worth the undue anguish it caused me, because it wasn't doing the animals any good and keeping me from functioning
When I decided to try again i made sure I understood that i would step back when i needed to, but it turned out that immersing myself into the practical ways of being vegan instead of the forefront of animal rights made it far easier for me to make it my normal.
I get upset with all the vegans who feel it most important that everyone who tries it should automatically become 100%. the reality is while you can scream how bad the animals have it, that's just not in peoples minds as much as it is in others. If someone says they're willing to be pescatarian and take it from there we need to let it take it's course and do more to make vegan living more NORMAL and obtainable than to curse those individuals who don't feel they can commit more to the lifestyle. right now whether someone eats jello and says they're vegan isn't as important as having agar available for omnivores

To me, being vegan should be what omnivores are now. You eat whatever foods you want, and animal products are not considered food
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