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Arsenic content in rice--what to do?

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Rice is contaminated with arsenic according to this comprehensive study:

The FDA basically says that it's not an immediate risk which is anything but assuring, since from consuming rice and getting all the arsenic you'll inevitably reduce your life expectency.

I had recently transitioned into using organic brown rice as a staple in my diet, and now its recommended not to consume brown rice at all.

Does this mean I should transition into eating organic white rice instead?

What about quinoa? Does anyone have statistics on arsenic levels in quinoa? The article unfortunately says there isn't any data on Quinoa, though it suggests that the arsenic levels are lower.
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I would take it with a grain of salt. I think if I stopped eating everything that someone somewhere in some research claimed was bad for me, there wouldn't be much left...maybe kale? Just eat your rice in moderation. There are so many other grains out there...millet, bulgur, buckwheat groats, oat groats, barley, spelt. I have heard of the arsenic research and it is not new. I have yet to hear of anyone getting sick and dying from arsenic poisoning due to rice consumption.
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I found this information on naturally and unnaturally occurring arsenic:

My guess is it would be impossible to completely avoid.
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