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Arsenic content in rice--what to do?

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Rice is contaminated with arsenic according to this comprehensive study:

The FDA basically says that it's not an immediate risk which is anything but assuring, since from consuming rice and getting all the arsenic you'll inevitably reduce your life expectency.

I had recently transitioned into using organic brown rice as a staple in my diet, and now its recommended not to consume brown rice at all.

Does this mean I should transition into eating organic white rice instead?

What about quinoa? Does anyone have statistics on arsenic levels in quinoa? The article unfortunately says there isn't any data on Quinoa, though it suggests that the arsenic levels are lower.
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The sources that I have read have said the arsenic is incorporated into the hull of the rice, so it won't wash off. I haven't read about this very recently, so maybe there is something that I missed. It is a good idea to wash your rice with cold water prior to preparing as it can be dirty.
The hull is the very outer coating and is removed-it's not edible. Brown rice is de-hulled, but has the bran intact.
I'm well versed as I once bought an 8 lb bag that many grains with the hull still on! It's very obvious when cooked, they look just like fennel seeds, and very "woody"! Was a shame too, it was organic from Pakistan and the best rice I've had! Almost worth the trouble of picking out.
Speaking of Pakistan, I have heard that rice grown in that part of the world did not test for arsenic. The U.S. seemed particularly vulnerable.
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