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NEW - AgSafe® Aquarium Plant Food Tablets

Tablets (5gm) Feed All Types of Aquarium Plants for Up to 3-4 Months!

Special Slow-release nutrient formulation contains natural grains, minerals, plant vitamins, growth hormones, laterites, etc. Contains NO Nitrates or Phosphates. Similar in Guaranteed Analysis to SeaChem® Flourish Tabs & Supplements. Feeds at the roots and enhances stronger rooting, darker green leaves, and natural plant colors. Fish Safe, Non-Toxic to Aquatic Life. Will Not Cause Algae Growth or Cloudiness.

Easy-to-use, just insert tablet into gravel under plants...It's that Simple!

Proven and Used by Professional Aquarium Plant Growers.

Over 1 million Aquarium Plant Tabs sold last year!
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