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Apple Pie in a Glass

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Apple Pie in a Glass

Category: Beverages/Smoothies

Suitable for a: vegan diet



1 apple (the sweet red kind works best for this, nothing with tang)

1 cup apple juice

1 tbsp brown sugar

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract



Serves: 1

Core the apple and cut it into small pieces. Place all the ingrediants in a blender. Start on low, then increase to high and process until the mixture is the consistancy of juice (about 60 seconds). Heat in the microwave or on the stovetop to desired temp. and serve immediatly.

Additional comments:


NOTE: For a cool summer drink, skip the heating step, and instead add 1/2 cup (or more) of crushed ice to the blender.
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Adding some ground nutmeg is a nice touch too.
I can not wait until I can get a hold of a blender and try this. Sounds delicious!
This was so good! More of a treat than a drink. And it really hit the spot on this flurry filled day. I have a vitamix, so I just blended until hot, making this even easier to whip up

The out of focus ipod with the recipe up didn't really add to the picture the way I'd imagined it would

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That sounds delicious. I just bought a bag of apples yesterday.
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Sounds Like an Easy Awesome Treat I Can Make for a Party ect....Thankies
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Holy doodoo. I'm probably going to make this today. I love the fall! I'm probably going to go buy a couple of those cinnamon broom things, too.

This would be great with some apple pancakes
i cant wait for my lunch break im SO making this =)
Made these tonight for my girlfriend and I. DELICIOUS!! thank you
This sounds so great! I'll make some and pretend it's fall ( we had a heat index of 100 and 5000 per cent humidity today).
Just got some Apples to be able to make some kind of drink with and this sounds delicious! Off to make my apple pie drink now!
This sounds amazing! Luckily, I actually have all of the ingredients to make this and I'm going to do so once my dad wakes up... he'd be pretty irritable if the sound of the blender woke him
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I'm saving this recipe for a cold winter day so I can experience the true effect of this beverage.
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i will try this later. would buy apples and i hope my husband and daughter would like it.
Mmm, sounds awesome!
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