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Hi has anyone ever tried Esutras products?

They are organic the company also donates to so many differant charites its great !this is why I switched over I think my favorite well i have 2 the first is Pain be gone worked within 5 minutes on my backache the 2nd which i cant do without is their orange cleaner let me tell you why ,my cat keeps going on my carpet i have tried everything nothin worked he would just walk right back and go in the same spot so i thought well it doesnt say pet but if i mix a bit with hot water and apply well i did and the result it worked first time ever i couldnt believe it =)!Oh and there is a ingredient in the cleaner L something citrisy that is suppose to help fight cancer as well i was reading on the web about that well thats a plus to me!

The girl who helped me angela also is sweet she gave me a discount and free product samples!
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