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Curious to see if anyone else uses this. I have a lot of downloads each month and always looking for new stuff to try.

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Used it back in the day of unlimited monthly downloads and quickly downloaded everything that held any appeal. Took advantage of a trial offer shortly after they switched the x number of downloads per month system, but really didn't find enough new stuff to make it worth my time or money.<br><br><br><br>
Got a lot of bluegrass, folk music, Southern Gospel and kids' music in the early days, though.

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I did the trial membership and got 25 downloads. I think it would be worth my money because there was a lot of music on there that I would have downloaded. At this point in time my displsable income is going elsewhere.<br><br><br><br>
Here's a list of the albums I would have downloaded had I stayed with them:<br><br>
(Please note that some of these might not really be there. My recording system doesn't always check availability properly.)<br><br><br><br>
100 Watt Smile - And Reason Flew<br><br>
20 Minute Loop - 20 Minute Loop<br><br>
20 Minute Loop - Decline Of Day<br><br>
20 Minute Loop - Yawn + House = Explosion<br><br>
764-Hero - Nobody Knows This Is Everywhere<br><br>
A Girl Called Eddy - Unknown Album<br><br>
Actionslacks - Full Upright Position<br><br>
Actionslacks - Never Never, Shake Baby<br><br>
Actionslacks - The Scene's Out Of Sight<br><br>
Alastacia - Anastacia<br><br>
All Systems Go - Mon Chi Chi<br><br>
AMFM - The Sky Is The New Ground<br><br>
Amy Ray - Prom<br><br>
Anne Heaton - Give In<br><br>
Annie Hayden - The Enemy Of Love<br><br>
Audra Kubat - Million Year Old Sand<br><br>
Autoclave - Autoclave<br><br>
Barbara Manning & The Go-Luckys! - You Should Know<br><br>
Bardo Pond - Set And Setting<br><br>
Beat Happening - You Turn Me On<br><br>
Benjamin Diamond - Out Of Myself<br><br>
Bikini Kill - Reject All American<br><br>
Black Lipstick - Sincerely, Black Lipstick<br><br>
Brandon Wiard - Painting A Burning Building<br><br>
Bratmobile - Ladies, Women and Girls<br><br>
Bree Sharp - A Cheap And Evil Girl<br><br>
Bree Sharp - More B.S.<br><br>
Bubble - How 'Bout This?<br><br>
Buttersprites - Buttersprites<br><br>
Buzzcocks - Flat-Pack Philosophy<br><br>
Cadence Grace - Souvenirs<br><br>
California Oranges - Souvenirs<br><br>
Call and Response - Winds Take No Shape<br><br>
Camper Van Beethoven - Key Lime Pie<br><br>
Cat Power - What Would The Community Think<br><br>
Cocteau Twins - Lullabies To Violaine, Vol. 2<br><br>
Conjure One - Conjure One<br><br>
Consonant - Consonant<br><br>
Controller.Controller - X-Amonts<br><br>
Copeland - In Motion<br><br>
Courtney Love - America's Sweetheart<br><br>
Cracker - Get On With It: Greatest Hits<br><br>
Cracker - Greatest Hits Redux<br><br>
Cracker - Greenland<br><br>
Creeper Lagoon - Remember The Future<br><br>
Cruiserweight - Sweet Weaponry<br><br>
Dirt Bike Annie - Show Us Your Demons<br><br>
Dirty On Purpose - Hallejulah Sirens<br><br>
Dressy Bessy - Dressy Bessy<br><br>
Dressy Bessy - Sound Go Round<br><br>
Dylan In The Movies - Feel The Pull<br><br>
Dynasty - Black Box<br><br>
Enon - Believo<br><br>
Enon - High Society<br><br>
Ether Aura - Crash<br><br>
Evil Beaver - Pleased To Eat You<br><br>
Eyes Like Knives - Slow Distractions<br><br>
EZ T - Goodbye Little Doll<br><br>
fIREHOSE - If'n<br><br>
fIREHOSE - Ragin Full On<br><br>
Frank Black - Honeycomb<br><br>
Frank Black & The Catolics - Pistolero<br><br>
Garrison Starr - Somethin' To Hold You Over<br><br>
Green Day -<br><br>
Green Day - American Idiot<br><br>
Green Day - Bullet In A Bible<br><br>
Green Day - Dookie<br><br>
Green Day - International Superhits<br><br>
Green Day - Nimrod<br><br>
Green Day - Warning<br><br>
Guided By Voices - Earthquake Glue<br><br>
Guided By Voices - Human Amusements At Hourly Rates<br><br>
Guided By Voices - Universal Truths and Cycles<br><br>
Harvey Danger - Cream and Bastards Rise<br><br>
Harvey Danger - Little By Little<br><br>
Head Like A Kite - Random Portraits Of The Home Movie<br><br>
Heartless Bastards - Stairs And Elevators<br><br>
Helicopter Helicopter - Wild Dogs With X-Ray Eyes<br><br>
Hilken Mancini And Chris Colbourn - Hilken Mancini and Chris Colbourn<br><br>
Holly Golightly - Truly She Is None Other<br><br>
Ivy - Apartment Life<br><br>
Ivy - Guest Room<br><br>
Ivy - In The Clear<br><br>
Jane Weaver - Seven Day Smile<br><br>
John Ralston - Needle Bed<br><br>
Jon Langford - Skull Orchard<br><br>
Jules Verdone - Diary Of A Liar<br><br>
Kacy Crowley - Moodswing<br><br>
Katy Rose - Because I Can<br><br>
Loquat - Its Yours To Keep<br><br>
Louise Hoffsten - From Linkoping To Memphis<br><br>
Lush - Ciao! 1989-1996<br><br>
Magnapop - Mouthfeel<br><br>
Manda And The Marbles - Angels With Dirty Faces<br><br>
Manda And The Marbles - More Seduction<br><br>
Mary Lou Lord - Baby Blue<br><br>
Mates Of State -<br><br>
Mates Of State - Bring It Back<br><br>
Mates Of State - Team Boo<br><br>
Mira - Mira<br><br>
Morphine - Cure For Pain<br><br>
Mutronium - Mutronium<br><br>
New Black - Time Attack<br><br>
Ozma - Doubble Donkey Disk<br><br>
Pansy Division - Total Entertainment<br><br>
Patty Griffin - Impossible Dream<br><br>
Pixies -<br><br>
Poe - Haunted<br><br>
Ronnie Spector - The Last Of The Rock Stars<br><br>
Roots - Roots<br><br>
Sarge - Distant<br><br>
Sarge - The Glass Intact<br><br>
Sinking Ships - Out Of Key Harmony<br><br>
Skull Kontrol - Zzzzz<br><br>
Sleater-Kinney - All Hands On The Bad One<br><br>
Sleater-Kinney - One Beat<br><br>
Slumber Party - Slumber Party<br><br>
Some Girls - Feel It<br><br>
Spoon - A Series Of Sneaks<br><br>
Spoon - Kill The Moonlight<br><br>
Spoon - Telefono / Soft Effects<br><br>
Stereolab - Refried Ectoplasm (Switched On Volume 2)<br><br>
Stereolab - Switched On<br><br>
Stiffed - Burned Again<br><br>
Tara Angel - Come Down<br><br>
Teenage Fanclub - Four Thousand…;Bandwagonesque<br><br>
Teenage Fanclub - Four Thousand…;Grand Prix<br><br>
Teenage Fanclub - Man-Made<br><br>
The Anniversary - Designing A Nervous Breakdown<br><br>
The Arts And Sciences - Hopeful Monsters<br><br>
The Charlatans - Up To Our Hips<br><br>
The Church - After Everything Now This<br><br>
The Copyrights - We Didn't Come Here To Die<br><br>
The Divorce - The Gifted Program<br><br>
The Donnas - Get Skintight<br><br>
The Eames Era - Double Dutch<br><br>
The Eames Era - The Second EP<br><br>
The Epoxies - Epoxies<br><br>
The Evens - The Evens<br><br>
The Faraway Places - Unfocus On It<br><br>
The High Violets - To Where You Are<br><br>
The Hives - Veni, Vidi, Vicious<br><br>
The Living Blue - Fire Blood Water<br><br>
The Local Division - Pure Electric Light EP<br><br>
The Monolith - Here Comes The Monolith<br><br>
The Muffs - Clueless Soundtrack<br><br>
The Muffs - The Muffs<br><br>
The New Pornographers - Electric Version<br><br>
The New Pornographers - Mass Romantic<br><br>
The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema<br><br>
The Peels - The Peels<br><br>
The Pipettes - We Are The Pipettes<br><br>
The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldiers<br><br>
The Reputation - To Force A Fate<br><br>
The Shipping News - Flies The Fields<br><br>
The Spinanes - Imp Years<br><br>
The Spinto Band - Nice And Nicely Done<br><br>
theStart - Death Via Satellite<br><br>
theStart - Initiation<br><br>
Tiger Saw - Sing!<br><br>
Tom Verlaine - Songs And Other Things<br><br>
True Margrit - Seaworthy<br><br>
Tuuli - Here We Go<br><br>
Twin Cam - Twin Cam<br><br>
Umbrellas - Umbrellas<br><br>
Valencia - This Could Be A Possibility<br><br>
Various Artists - Punk Goes 80s<br><br>
Various Artists - Punk Goes 80's<br><br>
Various Artists - Rough Trade Shops: Indiepop 1<br><br>
Veal - The Embattled Hearts<br><br>
Viva Voce - Get Yr Blood Sucked Out<br><br>
Viva Voce - Lovers Lead The Way<br><br>
Viva Voce - Lovers, Lead The Way!<br><br>
Viva Voce - The Heat Can Melt Your Brain<br><br>
Wonderful Smith - Hello, It's Wonderful<br><br>
Zero 7 - Simple Things
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