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I would love some insight from you who are vegan/vegetarian with the salicylate issue...

I am a newbie to a plant-based lifestyle. I am married and we have 2 kids, a boy (3.5) and a girl (18 mo). I have two rare diseases: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. I cannot have dairy, gluten, alcohol, orange juice, and some meds without serious reactions. My son is hyperactive and has sensory processing disorder. He cannot have gluten or dairy. (We also avoid everything artificial - no colors, flavors, sweeteners, we don't do fast food and we don't eat out of boxes). My daughter has an obvious salicylate sensitivity. Plus she cannot have soy, dairy, wheat, or rice!!!! UGH!

So we are trying Feingold/Failsafe elimination diets for our kids (and me) to see if it will decrease the hyperactivity, sleep issues, reflux, crying, insomnia, etc...


I want to be vegetarian. My husband is not completely against it, but not really motivated to go that route. He is our chef - I'm the baker. I am an awful cook :/ (actually I just can't cook meat... I'm not bad with a veg recipe!!)

With our severe limitations and our complete ignorance of this lifestyle we don't know how to feed ourselves or our children. Every Vegetarian/Vegan cookbook I've found has everything we can't eat in it... and the Feingold/Failsafe recipes are few and typically contain meat... or rice (we do do quinoa).

So any tips, advice, blogs, books... ANYTHING you can offer me to help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks :)
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