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any thoughts on vegan protein powders ??

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Hullo earth&animal-lovers !

Just signed-up and was wondering if anyone would have some thoughts on recipes for blended a vegan protein powder and online retailers. Been looking at hemp, rice, pea.... any ideas would be welcome !


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.....also, is there a live-chat option on VB ? Maybe an irc channel ( ??
You can always put protein powder in smoothies. I've heard Sunwarrior protein is pretty good.
I use nutrabiotic rice protien, because it is inexpensive on Amazon, and pretty hypoallergenic (a must for my sensitive tummy).

I don't use it everyday, but when i do use it I just mix it with plant milk and have it in my coffee/ with my cereal. I buy the vanilla flavored one. It's sort of grainy, but I don't care cuz it tastes good.

I have not gotten into the habit of smoothie making.
Plants have protein in them. No need to extract it. That's why God gave you a super sophisticated digestive system optimized specifically for pulling nutrients out of plant matter. All those powders were made in a lab and are highly processed. If you really want to maximize protein intake then slow juice vegetables. It's no trick at all to get plenty of protein from vegetable juices.
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Hi bleu and welcome!

I have used pure pea protein powder and a few other brands/types on occasion (not every day). It hasn't hurt me any (though they can be expensive....I found that pure pea protein powder tends to be cheaper and has very few ingredients in it and no added sugar etc and blends well). One container will last me about three months. Some brands I have tried and liked over the years, keeping in mind I live in the U.S.):

Source Naturals Pea Protein (neutral flavor and blends well and I don't feel gassy with it)
Manitoba Hemp protein (the green color is a little offputting but it tastes decent though can give me slight bloat)
Vega Protein and Greens (very easy for me to digest and love the taste and how well it blends)
Plant Fusion (slightly gritty but also decent as far as taste and no gassy stuff)

They helped me especially when I needed to put on a lot of weight, or when I am just looking for a little protein boost due to a lot of demanding physical activity. Mostly I add them to smoothies but I also sometimes add a scoop to pure pumpkin (usually canned but sometimes pureed), sweet potato, or squash along with a banana mashed in there for breakfast or a morning snack after a hard workout. I have also added it to pancakes or homemade muffins for an extra boost along with adding some extra ground flaxseed and grind my own flour from buckwheat groats, millet etc.
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there's a plethora of powders in US. Checkout Vega protein I've heard is one of the best.
Welcome :hi:

My protein powder is a combination of soya and pea protein :)
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