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Any Renn Faire actors/enthusiasts here?

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speak up ye !

I am auditioning next year- I'd appreciate advice.
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This was a great thread for me to read since I've been thinking about bringing my kids to the Renn Faire that's in town here and I've run into comments from friends that it might be "weird" or not worth going to, but then other people really liked it. I think I will take them because it sounds like a lot of fun and you've made a *very* good point that kids would be able to learn something, have fun and be entertained *without* having to have big (expensive) amusement rides and whatnot- I'll let you know how they enjoy it!
I took my kids to the Ren Faire and we loved it! At first I was thinking it was a bit weird (which I like anyway!), but very quickly we really began to enjoy it and the kids even got a sword fighting lesson from a "knight" that just earned the title as the best sword fighter in Europe- Pretty cool! I think we might be hooked on these faires now. I know I'll go again as soon as I get a chance!
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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