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Any Renn Faire actors/enthusiasts here?

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speak up ye !

I am auditioning next year- I'd appreciate advice.
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Umm I dress up and go every year , fun times!!!!

To go and have fun, have you ever been to one before?
Well I have never worked one but the people who do are always just kinda fun people, lots of what they do is spontanious though there are written shows.

I love the Ren fair! October is comming up soon yay!
Oh thats neat the big Texas one runs 3 weeks out of the year but we do have a few smaller ones
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how do dress? I mean, are you a wench or a lady or what?
Depends! I have a couple outfits, I have a commoner outfit and I have a lady outfit which one I wear depends on which grounds I am going to.

If the grounds are real nice and free from burrs and such I'll wear teh lady one, now if its a bit patchier I'll put on the commoner ( because it can be washed normaly and the Lady outfit is a dry clean only sorta deal)
My kids ran around one year climbing those ladders, the guys would call to them thinking easy targets but my girls can shimmy right up those suckers.

I think they won about 30$ each.
I agree compleatly, plus its just such a fun no stress kind of thing, you go to an ammusment park and its costly and stressfull but not a Ren fair.

I go whenever I get the chance, besides what other time can I run around and sprinle glitter on people and them be HAPPY about it
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I notice here when I'm tired I tend to type worse than normal, scary
1 - 7 of 38 Posts
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