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Not sure this fits here, but seeing as I am rather new to the thought of vegetarianism I think this fits. Some years ago a friend asked me to write a poem about a pair of shoes. The poem was all cute and such back then, but takes on all new meaning now.<br><br>
MY NAME IS...<br><br>
I am a lycanthrope<br>
Though I have changed but once,<br>
I have become many<br><br>
In my past form I merely wandered in a feild<br>
No goals<br>
No purpose<br>
Aimlessly I wandered<br>
...And I was happy<br><br>
In my present form<br>
I know that my time is dearly limited<br>
Yet I know a higher light of happiness<br><br>
Just last week,<br>
I was able to feed ten small families<br>
And a very large family reunion<br>
This warmed me greatly,<br>
Although I know those parts of me are gone forever<br><br>
Back in the feild in which I used to wander,<br>
Another part of me still remains<br>
Wandering about in an aimless way<br><br>
I have fed many with my inner flesh<br>
And now I cover the feet of a child<br>
You may now call me a pair of shoes<br>
But my name is Bessie<br><br>

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When I wrote the poem it was meant to be a joke. However now I realize that animals are not just meat and by-products. Some animals have names aside from cow, pig, venison...
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