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June 27 to July 3rd in Washington DC.<br><br><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br><br><br>
Is anyone going? I think I'd like to go this year.<br><br><br><br>
Featured speakers:<br><br>
Carol Adams (Author, "Sexual Politics of Meat")<br><br>
Natasha Allas (Former Miss World USA)<br><br>
Julie Andrzejewski (St Cloud State University)<br><br>
Mary Armitage (American Anti-vivisection Society)<br><br>
Jonathan Balcombe (Physicians Comm. for Resp. Medicine)<br><br>
Matt Ball (Vegan Outreach)<br><br>
Martin Balluch (Austrian Vegetarian Society)<br><br>
Neal Barnard (Physicians Comm. for Responsible Medicine)<br><br>
Gene Bauston (Farm Sanctuary)<br><br>
Lorri Bauston (Farm Sanctuary)<br><br>
Danielle Bays (Animal Protection Voters)<br><br>
Marc Bekoff (U. of Colorado, Author)<br><br>
Josephine Bellaccomo (Action Dynamics)<br><br>
Trina Bellak (American Horse Defense Fund)<br><br>
Alan Berger (Animal Protection Institute)<br><br>
Rynn Berry (Author, historian)<br><br>
Steve Best (University of Texas, El Paso)<br><br>
Steve Bjerklie (Meat Processing Magazine)<br><br>
Linda Blair (Film star)<br><br>
Laurelee Blanchard (FARM)<br><br>
Crista Blanke (Animals Angels)<br><br>
Michael Budkie (Stop Animal Exploitation Now!)<br><br>
Ellie Callahan (Gentle Barn)<br><br>
Theo Capaldo (New England Anti-Vivisection Society)<br><br>
Judy Carman (Author "Veggie Soup Chicken's Soul")<br><br>
Cindy Carroccio (Director, Austin Zoo)<br><br>
Lawrence Carter-Long (In Defense of Animals)<br><br>
Sarah Clifton (Fund For Animals)<br><br>
Robert Cohen (Dairy Education Board)<br><br>
Joseph Connelly (Veg News)<br><br>
Rod Coronado (Animal activist)<br><br>
Joyce D'Silva (Compassion in World Farming)<br><br>
Marie-Clair Davies (Compassion in World Farming)<br><br>
Karen Davis (United Poultry Concerns)<br><br>
Karen Dawn (DawnWatch)<br><br>
Margo DeMello (House Rabbit Society)<br><br>
Dani Dennenberg (Seeds for Change)<br><br>
Sean Diener (Utah Animal Rights Coalition)<br><br>
Christine Dorchak (Grey2K-USA)<br><br>
Joan Dunayer (Author "Animal Equality")<br><br>
Suzanne Elliott (EarthSave International)<br><br>
Don Elroy (Tennessee Network for Animals)<br><br>
Monica Engebretson (Animal Protection Institute)<br><br>
Henrik Engstrom (Djurens Rat)<br><br>
Debra Erenberg (The ETHIC)<br><br>
Pamelyn Ferdin (Animal Defense League)<br><br>
Mary Finelli (Farmed Animal Watch)<br><br>
Camilla Fox (Animal Protection Institute)<br><br>
Melinda Fox (Animal Activists of Alachua)<br><br>
Lionel Friedberg (Film producer)<br><br>
Lester Friedlander (Former USDA Veterinarian)<br><br>
Joyce Friedman (In Defense of Animals)<br><br>
Caryn Ginsberg (Animal Strategies)<br><br>
Doug Graham (FoodnSport)<br><br>
Che Green (Humane Research Council)<br><br>
Nicole Green (AAVS/Animalearn)<br><br>
Michael Greger (Physician, lecturer)<br><br>
Tammy Grimes (Dogs Deserve Better)<br><br>
Rozalind Gruben (FoodnSport)<br><br>
Pierre Grzybowski (Fund for Animals)<br><br>
Virginia Handley (Fund for Animals)<br><br>
Sandra Hannen (New World Vision)<br><br>
David Hayden (No Compromise)<br><br>
Alex Hershaft (FARM)<br><br>
Steve Hindi (SHARK)<br><br>
AR Hogan (Animal activist)<br><br>
Patricia Howard (FARM)<br><br>
Maggi Jane (MPEBand)<br><br>
Kevin Jonas (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty)<br><br>
Elliot Katz (In Defense of Animals)<br><br>
Stephen Kaufman (Christian Vegetarian Association)<br><br>
Lisa Kemmerer (University of Montana)<br><br>
Marti Kheel (Feminists for Animal Rights)<br><br>
Paul Koretz (California Assemblyman)<br><br>
Patrick Kwan (Student Animal Rights Alliance)<br><br>
Greg Lawson (Vegetarian Soc. of El Paso)<br><br>
Jeff Leitner (Fund For Animals)<br><br>
Paul Leonard (Animal Legal Defense Fund)<br><br>
Julie Lewin (Nt'l Institute for Animal Advocacy)<br><br>
Bob Linden (GoVegan Radio)<br><br>
Andrea Lococo (Fund for Animals)<br><br>
Howard Lyman (Voice for a Viable Future)<br><br>
Bill Maher (Television host)<br><br>
Mike Markarian (Fund for Animals)<br><br>
Jim Mason (Co-founder, Animals Agenda)<br><br>
Johanna McCloy (SoyHappy)<br><br>
Rich McLellan (Animal Legislative Action Network)<br><br>
Cayce Mell (Oohmahnee Farm Animal Sanctuary)<br><br>
Eric Mills (Action for Animals)<br><br>
Dawn Moncrief (FARM)<br><br>
John Morlino (The ETHIC)<br><br>
Peter Muller (League of Humane Voters)<br><br>
Marr Nealon (Voice For a Viable Future)<br><br>
Lydia Nichols (In Defense of Animals)<br><br>
Robert Nixon (Humane Political Action Committee)<br><br>
Jack Norris (Vegan Outreach)<br><br>
lauren Ornelas (Viva!USA)<br><br>
Nicole Paquette (Animal Protection Institute)<br><br>
Ava Park (Orange County People for Animals)<br><br>
Miyun Park (Compassion Over Killing)<br><br>
Nicole Paquette (API)<br><br>
Dale Peterson (Great Ape Project)<br><br>
Norm Phelps (Fund for Animals)<br><br>
Heidi Prescott (Fund for Animals)<br><br>
David Pryor (VegSolutions)<br><br>
Adam Roberts (Soc. for Animal Protective Legislation)<br><br>
Jill Robinson (AnimalsAsia Foundation)<br><br>
Naomi Rose (HSUS)<br><br>
Matt Rossell (In Defense of Animals)<br><br>
Martin Rowe (Lantern Books)<br><br>
Nathan Runkle (Mercy for Animals)<br><br>
Sherry Schlueter (Law enforcement officer)<br><br>
Richard Schwartz (Author, "Judaism & Vegetarianism")<br><br>
Ken Shapiro (PSYETA)<br><br>
Paul Shapiro (Compassion Over Killing)<br><br>
Kim Sheridan (Animalove)<br><br>
Brenda Shoss (Kinship Circle)<br><br>
Peter Singer (Author "Animal Liberation")<br><br>
Crystal Spiegel (American Anti-Vivisection Society)<br><br>
Veda Stram (Animals Voice)<br><br>
Kim Sturla (Fund for Animals)<br><br>
Mark Sutton (CyberEarth Productions)<br><br>
Michelle Thew (British Union Against Vivisection)<br><br>
Joyce Tischler (Animal Legal Defense Fund)<br><br>
Robert Trimble (Animal Legal Defense Fund)<br><br>
Will Tuttle (Karuna Music)<br><br>
Jerry Vlasak (Animal Defense League)<br><br>
Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd International)<br><br>
Zoe Weil (Int'l Institute for Humane Education)<br><br>
Stephen Wells (Animal Legal Defense Fund)<br><br>
Freeman Wicklund (Compassionate Action for Animals)<br><br>
Yale Wishnick (California Teachers Federation)<br><br>
Christine Wolf (Fund For Animals)<br><br>
David Wolfson (Attorney)<br><br>
Bradley Woodall (Animal Legal Defense Fund)

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I'll be out of the country for the convention otherwise I would have loved to have gone - the line up looks amazing!. I went last year and and got a lot out of it and it felt really good to be surounded by so many like minded people however, the vegan 'all you can eat' buffet was a real let down - don't see how they could have won over any teetering omni's or vegetarians with a spread like that <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/images/smilies/sad.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title=":(">

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hey pat kwan is speaking! yay!<br><br><br><br>
rod coronado is speaking too, thats awesome<br><br><br><br>
i would definitely love to go but i think that once again i may have to miss it <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/images/smilies/sad.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title=":("><br><br>
i wish they had which days which speaker was gonna present on<br><br><br><br>

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If I didn't live so far away and have a full time job to report to I would...<br><br><br><br>
Bill Maher rules.
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