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Hi, I am just posting to get the word out that the Animal Rescue Organization that I work with ( is having 2 very special holiday fundraisers. Heavenly Hearts is an organization that rescues medically fragile and behaviorally challenged "special needs" animals. This last year has been very challenging and quite difficult. We have taken in and lost many very ill animals including a 14 year old dog with lymphoma cancer and a 3 year old dog with a devastating genetic illness that could have been prevented if his breeder's hadn't been so careless. All donations - of any amount - go directly into our Vet Fund which has been set up to allow secure online donations via

Once again this year HHAR is having our "Holiday Sponsorship Program". Any person who contributes a donation of $50 or more for the care of any of our adoptable or resident animals will automatically become a "Holiday Sponsor". The names of our Holiday Sponsors will be placed on our web site before the end of the Holiday season...both on our main page...and on the web pages of the individually sponsored animals. All Holiday Sponsors will receive a sponsorship certificate, a 4 x 8 portrait of their sponsored animal, and a beautifully written printed copy of that animal's rescue story. Donations in the name of friends and family & as Christmas Gifts should be in by Wednesday, December 20th to ensure that their sponsorship Certificate arives before Christmas.

Volunteer's have also take the time to hand make Holiday/Christmas wreaths from LIVE Scotch Pine which will be placed on Ebay for auction Wednesday December 13th. We will have pictures of the sample wreaths that have been made soon to show the different colors and styles. Your wreaths will be made when ordered....the branches cut from a pre-cut live

Christmas tree as your order them. This is to ensure the longest possible life of the wreath. When the wreaths are up on Ebay....I will post the link here.

Thanks everyone and Happy Holidays.
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