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Maybe it's just my noticing it, but there seems to be a big increase of ads from animal protection groups on late night TV.

I've been seeing ASPCA ads for a long time. A few months ago HSUS started popping up. A couple days ago I saw one from IFAW.

Is anyone else noticing this?

An interesting thing I noticed from the ads ... Both the ASPCA and HSUS ads focus on forlorn/lonely looking cats and dogs. I'm a pretty vocal critic of the puppy and kitty focus of much of the 'public face' of animal protection. I understand it but don't like it. And to be honest, much of the AR crowd feeds into the exact same thing. The 'big two' approaches just move the lines of who is morally relevant rather than question the fundamental basis of those lines to begin with.

But I digress ...
Back to the ads. The first two I find very disturbing. The IFAW ad ... not so much. I feel like it should bother me, but it doesn't (at least not as much). The main difference: the IFAW ad is graphic. Not grotesquely so a la Blood Feast or other B movie horror, but graphic. Fair amount of blood. Critters with eye trauma. Missing limbs. That sort of thing. Yet the lonely looking critters in the other ads move me more.
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