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So vegetarianism is one thing! But even animals eat meat! So in my opinion, there's something even more cruel in using animals for beauty products and stuff. Unforunately, most of the stuff i use is probably not animal friendly :[[

Sooo... any tips on moisturisers and perfumes that are animal friendly, that still smell nice and dont cost the earth?! Haha i know, i dont ask much!

Any help is appreciated! :]]

Say hello to an animal! :]] hehe.

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Welcome to VeggieBoards!

I agree with you about using animal-tested beauty products...I can't believe it took me until just this year to learn what really goes on in animal testing. It breaks my heart that for a good chunk of my life, I've sponsored animal torture just so I can have stuff like mascara

There are so many alternatives! I've just started learning about them in the past few months, but I've found some great stuff.

The Leaping Bunny is an organization that stamps the little white rabbit onto non-animal tested products. They have a great starter list of brands and websites that offer products that are definitely cruelty-free. Also, though I'm not a fan of PETA, their website has a much more extensive list of companies that do and don't test on animals by product type. You can search for soap, perfume, makeup, household cleaners, dental care, baby care and on and on. It's really the only feature on their site for which I have any use.

My new favorite soap ever is by Kiss My Face ( It's the Pure Olive Bar and has no yucky ingredients - just olive oil, sodium chloride (salt) and water. It makes my skin super soft. I just bought a big pack of it in bulk b/c it's more economical that way. The brand also has moisturizers, hair care, all sorts of soaps and shaving cream and toothpaste and sunblock...check it out

I still have some animal-tested products that I need to finish up. I don't enjoy them anymore
But I don't have the budget or the conscience to be wasteful, you know?

Welcome again!
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