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I just got this in our work email and am trying to get the info out as much as possible. This is the type of thing that really does well if people speak out. So start writing your MPs!

Please crosspost!

Dear Editor,

Many Albertans were shocked and outraged to learn of the torture of a

Labrador-border collie cross named Daisy Duke last month in Didsbury. The

poor dog had its legs and mouth bound with duct tape, and she was dragged

a kilometre behind a vehicle, leaving a trail of blood. As a result of her

injuries, she was euthanized, and her owner and a juvenile have been


Coincidentally, I had been preparing to reintroduce a private members

bill in the House of Commons on animal cruelty. Earlier versions of my

bill were put forward by the government in every parliament since 1999,

but failed to pass when the House and Senate couldnt agree on amendments.

My bill, C-373, was introduced on October 30, and it is identical to the

former Bill C-50. The current Criminal Code provisions on animal cruelty

have changed very little since 1892 and are hopelessly outdated.

This is an issue that must cut across party differences, and I hope to

work with MPs from all political parties to ensure its passage. The rules

for private members bills make it difficult to pass them, and therefore I

am asking Canadians to urge the government to adopt this as a government


In the seven years that this bill has been debated, there has been

enormous effort to strike the right balance between the need to protect

animals from intentional cruelty, and the need to recognize the legitimate

rights of hunters, anglers, farmers and others who use animals responsibly

for sport or their livelihoods. This bill achieves that balance.

Those who engage in serious violent crimes such as serial murder often

start by abusing animals, which can be an early indicator of crimes

against people. Therefore, effective animal cruelty legislation can allow

the justice system to intervene early with people who might go on to other

serious crimes.

Please encourage your Member of Parliament to work with me on this

important initiative. Its time we stand up for our four-legged friends.


Mark Holland, M.P.

Ajax-Pickering, ON

(613) 995-8042

[email protected]

[ file:// ]

PS. Editors: I have written the above as a letter to the editor. I am also

enclosing my news release on this. I encourage you to do your own stories

with a local angle, talking with staff at animal shelters in your area. If

you wish to interview me, please call my Executive Assistant, Richard

McGuire, at (613) 995-8614.
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