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Good evening, everyone! My name is Travis. I'm 22 years old & currently am in the transition of educating myself on a vegetarian lifestyle. As of right now, I am a partial vegetarian. My diet mainly consists of complex carbohydrates(whole grains(sprouted grain bread, Wasa whole-grain crackers, Kashi products, organic Raisin Bran), organic fruits, veggies, legumes & unsweetened Silk soymilk. I only eat red meat(usually a steak)about once or twice a month if that & I seldom ever eat fast food anymore. If I have an animal product, it is usually cheese, seafood or grilled chicken. The small amounts of animal protein seem to help keep my blood sugar regulated to some degree. If I have eggs, they're usually hard-boiled & in salads but they seem to be acidic to me so I avoid them for the most part.

In 2001, I was prediabetic & overweight. My highest weight peaked @ 201 pounds(at 5"7) but I am happy to inform you all that I've lost about 68 pounds since then. I'm 5"9 and weigh 133 pounds, with a 28 inch waist. I've come a long way & have learned so much about proper nutrition...especially since being diagnosed with hypoglycemia(in December of 2003). I've been taking care of myself. Now, I am working on building some lean muscle.

I consider myself to be a "nutritional purist" meaning that I prefer to eat clean, pure, natural whole foods and avoid anything that is man-made & processed.

If anyone has any questions/comments, feel free to share. I look forward to chatting with you all.

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